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Chitadama offers you unforgettable and affordable trips all around Zimbabwe with your personal chef and guide Walter who is of Swiss and Zimbabwean origin. At 36 years old he has studied and lived in Bern, Switzerland from 2002 to 2014, during of which he has achieved his diploma as a chef, has worked with many different nationalities and acquired a wide knowledge of many cuisines. In 2014 he returned to Zimbabwe and has been guiding visitors all around the country since then. Born and grown up in Zimbabwe he has always loved exploring nature with all its beauty and has a wide knowledge of the wilderness. He speaks German, English, Shona which is the Zimbabwean local language, and can communicate with French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Zimbabwe has a very rich history and there are many exciting places to visit, things to see and to do, whether it is enjoying hair raising safaris with sundowners, to fishing, rafting or canoeing on the mighty Zambezi River, relaxing with a chilled glass of Champagne or Amarula whilst being massaged, or simply enjoying evenings around the fire whilst listening to the calls of hippos, lions and hyenas amongst many others, it is definitely a country worth visiting. For honeymooners it’s the perfect place or if you are travelling with the kids they will love it as there is a lot of fun things for them to do. Chitadama welcomes you with a warm heart and gives you an amazing taste of Africa.

Things to do in and near Harare

Visitors can get a taste of many different restaurants offering local and international foods, fast food spots, theatres, cinemas, clubs and private clubs, massage salons, museums, animal parks, amusement parks for the kids, natural balancing rocks, braais and fishing, botanical gardens, Harare city and townships.